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Default Re: Plex to Jail for 2 years

I think its a bit much to give this guy 2 years. I understand the laws in NY, but you have to also understand the reason for those laws. They were designed to prevent people from using Handguns in the Commission of a Crime. The Minimum sentance was to Deter people who were Thinking About using a Gun in an unlawful way from actually carrying one around with them because if found on their possession, bang, 2 years.

Plax wasn't going out to shoot anyone, or rob a store, or car jack some fool. He had it on him because one of his fellow players had just been robbed at gun point, and he felt like he could have been a target. He takes the gun to the night club, then accidentally shoots himself.

Then the Mayor, in a Fury and a PR Grab declares "no quarter" and uses Plax as an example.

Tell you what, if the Giants Miss the playoffs, and the people of NY think "If we only had Plax" well the Mayor can kiss his re-election bid good bye.

Very Uncalled For ruling. Should have been fined and maybe some house arrest. INTENTION of CRIME was the reasoning behind the Gun Laws in NYC. Now we just throw that part of it out and throw this guy to the wolves so some slap happy Mayor can get some Press.

Totally Dumb.
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