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Default Re: And it starts again..

No respect! No respect! The Steelers get no respect!

What's new? It is annoying, yet I believe it is a motivation, as it always has been.

Curtis Martin only got 70 some yards against the Steelers, which was proclaimed as a great performance. 70 some yards, folks, from a Hall-of-Fame running back. Curtis did not fare as good in the December game either.

I saw the replay off the week 9 Halloween match-up of the Pats verses the Steelers at Heinz Feild on the NFL network last night. The Pats maybe rushed the ball 6 times, with no running game at all. Bradey did nothing but pass the ball.

The Patriots will definately run the ball more, which will take from their passing attack. They have a better chance offensively, yet still it is not going to be enough against the Steeler's defense.

I'm sick of the Patriots hype and can't wait for the pro-Patriot critics to be silence when the Steelers take the Bus to Jacksonville!

Steelers Football: Simply the Best!
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