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Default Re: Any rugby players/fans

Originally Posted by NFL STEELERS NRL DRAGONS View Post
On the whole rugby union is a tired worn out old football game. Basicly it's a game for people to play that are not good enough to play the tougher more skilled and faster paced game of rugby league. Rugby League broke away from rugby union in 1895 and formed a faster more skilled game than the hasbeen rugby union had become,
The tired worn out old football game still has a legitimate world cup. On the international scale Rugby League only dwarfs the AFL ( which has given up on that idea). Rugby League has to keep asking itself - If it is so much faster, more skillful and better than rugby union why hasnt it become the world wide phenomenon it craves.

I dont think you can ever say that Rugby is a dumping ground for lower skilled and slower players. You know that many of the best NRL players were the product of a rugby union upbringing and vice versa for union players.

I am a fan of all four football codes in Australia (plus NFL) but Rugby League is doing its best to alienate its fanbase with moronic off field behaviour and pig headed views of old school commentators and journalists.

If League and Union dont get their acts together soon they are going to be the 3rd and 4th string options behind Soccer and AFL.

I made the switch away from rugby league when Super League broke and I have lost interest in Rugby Union due to the negative approach taken in test matches.

I find myself eagerly awaiting the NFL season and I have more interest in the NFL draft than the start of the Australian Rugby League & Union seasons. The preseason game shown last week was the most anticipated football game for me since the superbowl win.

Over the last 16 years I can honestly say that I have watched more NFL games than both league and union games combined ( and in a way that is sad considering I am a true blue aussie)

Cheers and good luck for the Saints this year in the GF ( hopefully they beat a QLD team on GF day)
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