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Default Re: Pereira Says Offensive Holding Penatlies Will Rise in 2009

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post

687/32 =21.5 per team.

WAIT a second.

687/30 (The Patriots and Colts don't GET called for holding) = 22.9

Add the 300 calls this year, and that means that the average NFL team NOT named the Patriots or Colts will have 25% MORE holding penalties, or about 33 as opposed to 23 per year. That's probably 10 extra drives a year that get stalled out per team. That could HURT. Then again, since Harrison gets HELD 25 times a game, if they CALL 25% more, we can look forward to our defense being the BENEFICIARY of 5 extra holding calls a game. Sweet!
Whatever he said...
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