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Default Re: Comcast vs. DirectTV

Originally Posted by GBMelBlount View Post
Here's what I'm wondering Steel (or anyone). Our daughter is interested in the Wii. See I know nothing about the Wii or PS3 except Mach1 PM'd me that if we get her the Wii she'll spend less time sitting on her butt.

I also read about a year ago that panasonic has a really good hd dvr and mach1 confirmed that. I thought I read with the Tivo that you could record stuff and transfer it to other mediums which sounded like a real plus.
THe main differences between the Wii and the PS3/Xbox360 is the fact that the Wii is not HD capable and therefore is not a great DVD/Blu Ray player. It is simply a gaming rig. The other two, are more like media center PC's with the PS3 having the added value of having a Blu Ray player (one of the best, I might add) built right in. The Wii has a niche, and serves it well. If you are looking for an addition to a home theater environment, I suggest the PS3 for the advantages already discussed here (Blu Ray, streaming internet, picture and music sharing to your PC, etc.).

Also, try negotiating with DirecTV. I did and got an HD DVR for free...I just signed a 2 year contract extension. No big deal.

Originally Posted by steelreserve View Post
Oh hey, one more thing ... if you do go with DirecTV, they just sent me a coupon that will get you $100 off if you tell them I'm your "friend." It'll get me $100 too. So if you're signing up with them anyway, that's 200 bucks that we can split for free, and maybe it helps with paying for the extra boxes.
That's another good idea.

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