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Default Re: Plex to Jail for 2 years

Originally Posted by Dino 6 Rings View Post
See, again, I disagree.

He had it registered in Florida right? So it isn't like he was a criminal to start with. He did the right thing initially with the gun. Your argument actually backs up mine. He didn't just run out and buy the gun that day, to commit a crime, he had the gun with zero incidents for years. The Law was designed to Punish Criminals who use guns or may use guns in the commission of a crime.

This is a clear case of a Law being used to punish someone it shouldn't be punishing. Sure, drug dealer gang bangers with guns in their hips should go to jail for carrying for 2 years. A guy who had a liscense in a different state, and didn't use the gun any other time, and simply didn't realize he needed to re-register the gun in NY, now goes to jail for 2 years?

Nothing but a snot nosed Mayor trying to make a name for himself and get re-elected after his TERM LIMITS are already over.

Bloomberg is a Snake and this case is a clear case of him abusing the law for his own personal gain.
And then he chose not to register it in the state of New York, or get a license to conceal it in New York. Why he chose not to do so, I don't know.

Also, he had a chance to take a deal where he would have serves three months in jail. He would have probably served less than two months total. He turns that plea deal down banking on the case getting dropped or the grand jury not indicting him on the charges.

Surprise! They don't drop the case and the grand jury indicts. If convicted, he will get a minimum of 3 1/2 years in jail so he grabs the 2 year plea deal on the table.

IMHO, he deserves the two years for his total stupidity. Stupidity by not registering the gun and getting a license to conceal in the state of New York. Stupidity for toting the gun in a pair of sweat pants. Stupidity for not taking the 3 month plea deal.

He had to have known that in New York gun laws are very strict. He chose to ignore them or to never see what they were. He felt his status as a star football player for the Giants put him above the laws of the place he lived.

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