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Default Re: Public Option Losing Steam? White House Open to Health Care Reform Without Govern

Originally Posted by SteelTalons View Post
Have you seen the numbers for Republicans? Sure Obama's is slipping a bit but I think its more to do with his screwing around over this subject so independents and democrats are getting a little antsy thinking he might be caving and not gonna do anything.

It's not Obamas handling of it that is "making independants and democrats antsy"'s that they DO NOT want his plan....PERIOD.

However it looks like he tossed one more line to the Republicans... One without a public option... They bit the cheese and were still against it. So Howard Dean pretty much stated it had to have a public option afterwards.

Of course they're "still against it" becuase they've been against it from the start. It has nothing to do with how he's handling it. And by the way, we're smart enough to know that "co-op" is equal to "public option".He never expected this kind of oppositin to it. The more he redresses it but pushes it, the more his #s plummet.

This is more health insurance reform not than universal healthcare. They are just coming into the market to offer competition to lower prices and increase quality since largely its been unchecked. So prices are going up and quality is dropping. Of course there will have to be something done to address the ones who wont be able to afford coverage after this bill starts coming into effect...

He's changed his rhetoric to make it sound like it's about "insurance reform". It has always been about universal healthcare though.

Should it pass.

It won't

It won't

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