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Default Re: Public Option Losing Steam? White House Open to Health Care Reform Without Govern

Originally Posted by HometownGal View Post
Bu, bu, bu. . . Republicans. SOS, DT.

Not to be disrespectful at all, ST, but being an Obaaaaaama apologist doesn't change the fact that his approval rating (overall) is on the downslope and he is being shown for the epic failure he is (and we who didn't vote for him) knew he would be.
My point was I wouldn't write him off as a one termer just yet. Granted he's down, he's not below 50% yet. Creeping that way... But still. As compared to many Republicans who are polling roughly around 15 to 20%. So its Obama's race to loose at this point.

So while people might not like Obama as well as they once did. They aren't yet on the boat to put the Republicans back in. But hell its early in the game, so I guess we'll have to wait till we get a little closer to 2012 to see which way it goes.

As far as getting a bill passed. It really depends... Its been made clear that no Republicans are gonna vote for this. And the way Rahm Emanuel was talking everyone is coming to that same conclusion. They are more looking at pressuring the loose Blue Dogs into the deal right now.

So whether or not it passes remains to be seen. It just depends on how hard Obama fights for it really. Still might not pass, but this is the best shot the Dem's are gonna get at ramming this thing through for possibly many years. So its more or less do or die now.

Sec. Treasurer AFL-CIO, Richard Trumka has stated. That anyone who goes against this bill wont get a dime from labor. All be it a lot of Blue Dogs get a large chunk from the Health sector. So the Blue Dogs are starting to feel more and more heat.
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