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Default Re: Public Option Losing Steam? White House Open to Health Care Reform Without Govern

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post

I already said 33% will cling to Obama no matter what...and I mean he could come out and say that we should all donate 50% of our income to ACORN and they'd still back him 100%. People just lose their MINDS over this character.

Anyway, I am beginning to wonder about the GOP "scorched Earth" policy towards anything dealing with healthcare. Being the party of "no" is not what we need to be right now. It's time to step up to the plate and swat these silly twits right in the face with some serious common sense fixes for this system that has a sound foundation but is rotting a little.

I thought it could wait until after mid-terms, but things are getting bad...we need a clear voice from the right to emerge soon with some simple common sense that appeals to the middle-right majority of this country.

We're not the party of no. We're the party of "no socialism, please". Look, you mentioned a "clear voice from the right", but what you may not hear it in the media is that there are plenty of Republicans talking about ways to reform health care, health insurance....ways that will not include a government takeover.

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