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Default Re: Plex to Jail for 2 years

Originally Posted by steelreserve View Post
Yeah, now THAT'S the stupid part.

You know, what they offered actually seems about right for the severity of what happened. I wonder if the DA routinely offers plea deals like that when 3 1/2 years obviously doesn't fit the situation. Kind of a way to circumvent the mandatory minimum sentence and give those people what they actually deserve. In that context, Burress would have no one to blame but himself.
Plax has nobody but himself for the entire mess.

He should have registered the gun in at least New York if not also New Jersey. He should have obtained a license to carry a concealed gun.

He should have worn a pair of pants that night that were better for carrying a gun in the waistband. What I have read said he was wear sweat pants. What dumbass carries a gun in the waitband of sweat pants? Also, when getting the gun out of his pants, he shouldn't have ever grabbed it in a way that would cause it to go off.

Finally, he should have taken the three month jail term deal. I do believe that while two years is excessive, if he would have taken the legal route to carrying the gun a lot of this situation could have been avoided.

I am not anti-gun. I am pro-gun, as long as the people take the legal routes to gun ownership and carrying. That means registering the gun(s), getting a license to carry concealed if you're going to do so, and knowing the gun laws in your area. I am all for responsible gun ownership. Plaxico Burress was not a responsible gun owner in the state of New York.

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