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Default Re: Any rugby players/fans

Originally Posted by NFL STEELERS NRL DRAGONS View Post
On the whole rugby union is a tired worn out old football game. Basicly it's a game for people to play that are not good enough to play the tougher more skilled and faster paced game of rugby league. Rugby League broke away from rugby union in 1895 and formed a faster more skilled game than the hasbeen rugby union had become,
More skilled? I take great umbrage to that.

Union is definitely as if not more skilled than league. it takes more instincts than skill to run, scissor, and break free.

Union, where must always be running TO support, yet from tackles, knowing when to ruck and maul, and when to get out for the scrummies to take over, then to make decisions on flexing weak and strong sides on the fly, on TOP of running, scissoring, and possible breaking free, is a more quick thinking, skill sport.

After all, when was the last time YOU saw a ruck march the ball down the field while it is being turned in a league game? The combination of strength, awareness, and decision-making in union vastly outweighs its equivalent in league.
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