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Default Re: Plex to Jail for 2 years

Originally Posted by T&B fan View Post
and more .....

everyone is saying stallworth got off easy so sould plax , when everyone should be saying how come stallworth got off so easy , when he should have gotten more time .
well like i said before ..i think the guy stallworth mowed down played a bit of part in the accident. its not like stallworth drove up onto a sidewalk or ran a redlight and hit him in a crosswalk. had he not had alchohol in his system, he wouldn't have been held responcible for the accident at all. yeah they can say the alchohol impaired his reaction time but there's no way to prove if it was a determining factor. i like how they throw out the breathalizer numbers for shock "twice the legal limit" ... considering just 1 beer can put most people over the legal limit depending on your size , then 2 beers could put you 2x over the legal limit...yet they make it sound like you were trashed.
burress's gun going off in a public place was 100 % his own fault . you can't argue the fact that had he not been illegally carrying it around it WOULDN'T have put peoples lives in jeopardy.
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