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Default Re: Comcast vs. DirectTV

Originally Posted by Hammer67 View Post
THe main differences between the Wii and the PS3/Xbox360 is the fact that the Wii is not HD capable and therefore is not a great DVD/Blu Ray player. It is simply a gaming rig. The other two, are more like media center PC's with the PS3 having the added value of having a Blu Ray player (one of the best, I might add) built right in. The Wii has a niche, and serves it well. If you are looking for an addition to a home theater environment, I suggest the PS3 for the advantages already discussed here (Blu Ray, streaming internet, picture and music sharing to your PC, etc.).

Also, try negotiating with DirecTV. I did and got an HD DVR for free...I just signed a 2 year contract extension. No big deal.

That's another good idea.
Thanks Hammer. I am getting the first hd dvr free. I read up on Wii vs. PS3 & xbox last night and it basically stated the same overviews as what you are stating. My daughter and her friends really like Wii and my wife and I have no interest so we will probably go Wii despite the lower resolution. I may think on the PS3 a little more.
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