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Default Re: Public Option Losing Steam? White House Open to Health Care Reform Without Govern

Originally Posted by 7SteelGal43 View Post
Right now, the America people are steering us clear of the threat. AMEN.

So there's no mistake, I'm not putting my faith in the Republican party (as a whole). We definately have some house cleaning of our own to do. BIG TIME. And I still think there are some Blue Dogs who are gonna vote "no" on this bill...I appluad them.

What we need, is to clean house, get some good old fashioned TRUE conserative leadership who will listen to the people, not big business. I'm not against corporate America...I'm against corporate America having more pull in the Republican party than you or I do. Actually, I'm against big business or ANY special interest group having more pull than the people. That has got to change. We need new blood.

By the way rev, when I say "REVOLUTION !!! is coming, I mean by the America people taking their parties back from the extreme left liberals AND from big business. It's gonna happen. Just watch and see.
I have to agree here.

What's really killing me right now is that this is a GOLDEN opportunity for the Republicans to get their true message out and try to sway voters over to their side, and IMO, they are fumbling the ball big time. It's not enough to simply be opposed to Obama's policies - they also need to point out in detail what their alternatives are. Instead, they are sitting on their hands and letting the media define who they are, and they can't let that happen. And, as you said, it also wouldn't hurt if they would stop being so beholden to corporate America and allowing guys like Limbaugh, Beck and, locally, Jim Quinn, to speak for them. Far-right conservatives, to me, are just as bad as far-left liberals. I'd like to have a reason to vote FOR a Republican in 2012, something other than "it's not Obama." My vote is right there for the taking, because there's no way in hell I'm voting for Obama. If they don't get it, it isn't going to anyone at all. It's as simple as that.
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