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Default Re: Vikings VS Chiefs- Favre's first outing

Originally Posted by I-Want-Troy's-Hair View Post
I thought the announcers slobbered all over Brady's knob constantly was annoying....but the slobbering that is going on over Butt Fart has gone beyond ridiculous.
No kidding.

Let me do the play by play.: (I might have the order mixed up a bit)

First pass incomplete: Favre misses a five yard pass under pressure. Vikings announcer: That's ok, he released the ball quickly. That pass will be complete in the regular season

Second pass: incomplete - will be completed in the regular season

Third pass: Complete for four yards, but short of a first down.

Fourth pass: Incomplete, but it will be completed in the regular season and the announcer said there was "obvious" pass interference.

Final numbers 1 for 4 for 4 yards.

Also, the Vikings are proud of how many tickets they have sold since the savior's arrival. According to the front office guy they still have tickets available for all the games, including the game against Green Bay. Boy there is something to be proud of. In addition, they have the best pass rusher in the NFL in Jared Allen and the best player in the NFL in Adrain Petterson - no question. After listening to these guys, and having listened to the Raiders' announcers they other day, I'd have to say Bob Pompeani and Edmund Nelson are downright objective.

You know there is not much to dislike about the Vikings and Minnesota. They have always been one of my favorite NFC teams. I could see rooting for them against all but about three or four AFC teams in a Super Bowl That said, if I had to listen to that broadcast often I would surely grow to dislike them thoroughly.

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