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Default Re: Tim Lumber Speaks Out!!

-----Original Message-----
Subject: Re: Tim Lumber is applying for writing job!
Im sure you dont need my resume.
need...want...apples and oranges.

haha! Im the guy who ranks #1 when it comes to getting readers for you.
You only attract people in a Carnival Barker.."step right up and look at the dog-faced boy" kind of way.

I havent been around much because I am doing paying jobs
People with jobs sometimes refer to that as "working" paying jobs...not "doing" paying jobs.

Working is what the rest of the country does so that you can draw welfare...Doing is what your wife does with Meth. Know the difference.

I am doing paying jobs. I would like to be included!
Sooooo your not included on these other jobs your "doing"??? What the crap does that even mean???!!!!!!

If you have interest in paying me that $15 a article deal

Wait!!!...Stop right there..... we can go on.

I will bring in so many readers just like I always do!
Generally when one says "I will bring in so many readers..." it is followed by a "that"....
....for example... "Slim is so retarded THAT he thinks his spouse is female."

I would personally pay $15 dollars just to have you try and remain calm why we all made fun of your new avatar!!!!!
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