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Default Re: Good News/Bad News

Originally Posted by X-Terminator View Post
Well then, it sounds to me like there are going to have to be some very unpopular decisions that will have to be made regarding spending, because the other way - massive tax increases - isn't going to be an acceptable one to the majority of the people. The question is who has the balls to do it? Obama apparently doesn't. Not sure if McCain would have, and if he did, would it have made a dent? Who knows. The bottom line is we need a President who doesn't give a shyt about "opinion polls" and will just do whatever he needs to do to keep the nation's economy robust and deficits to a minimum/eliminated. Unfortunately, that person does not exist, at least not now.
a president who doesnt give a shit about opinion polls will not get elected, because they are about the same as the nov. electorate polls.

here is the situation we are in. america has been driving around in a rolls royce that is the reward of prosperous times. however that royce has been purchased on credit, and now we find ourselves overextended.

america WILL NOT give up the royce (which is a metaphor for our financial system and economy), but we still need to cut costs.

we can ignore spending 50 cents to air up the tires, but then fuel efficiency will decline and cost us more in the long run.

we would forgo the oil change, but it may break down.

we can refuse to put gas in it, and have a beautiful car that sits in the garage.

we can ignore regularly scheduled maintenance, and watch it turn into a broken down piece of crap 10 years before it should.

obama is currently driving the car. in 4-8 years it will be somebody else.

there will be a new face, but the car and the cost of upkeep will remain the same.
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