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Default Re: Good News/Bad News

Obama passed several spendulus-type bills...he even called one of them "Deeply flowed" then turned around and signed it anyway. I'm not sure how that could be anyone's fault but his own, but...

He's not cutting spending in a time of trouble, he's mortgaging our future by trying to spend his way out of it and damning the consequences. Next up will be a healthcare bill that will make these numbers WORSE, not better. MY number of 12 -19 trillion has not been recognized yet because this idiot in the WH (along with the twits in congress) has not STOPPED SPENDING YET!

All the speeches are nice and they create cute little diversions from the awful truth, but we are heading towards unsustainable debt, and THIS President is responsible for it. Why? Because he promised to undo the mistakes of the past, and he promised to BALANCE THE BUDGET! Showing a chart of projected 2009 deficits is great ammo for this because Obama should have gone in and fixed that right away as promised. Instead that red line got a LOT longer.

So he either lied to get elected or he simply has no understanding of how the country works, got in office and decided that he'd just put the problem on a credit card with a 30% interest rate.

I'm weary of it all, and I'm sick and tired of his supporters blaming anybody and everybody BUT their boy...the last post is remarkable because Tony claims that Americans don't accept responsibility and chides them for it after a long series of posts where he blames everybody BUT Obama for Obama's mistakes.

Oh, and we just HAD a president who didn't give a shit about opinion polls. His name Was George Bush.
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