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Default Re: Browns game thread

Originally Posted by Killer View Post
Face it Browns fans - Mangini is a miserable coach.

Admit it - You're not excited about this season because your new coach isn't Bill Cowher.
Cowher's heart was into it, he said as much to Lerner and actually felt sort of bad for him and gave him a few tips on what to look for in a good coach and such.

He's a good guy, and we would have loved to have him, but he's done with coaching for now. Maybe by the time Mangini's fired (which with our track record is probable at this point), he'll be into coaching again.

Oh look, the Browns are up 20......


against Detroit...

I'm thinking that speaks more to how bad the lions moreso than how good the Browns are.
Don't Blame Me, I don't have any control over the Browns.
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