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Default Re: Who is your favorite current Raven player?

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
Any teeny modicum of credibility you might have built just flew out the window with this statement.
fyi - a Raven player was arrested over the weekend. I live in the DC/Baltimore area and just heard the story on the radio this morning. I can't recall the players name (I never heard of him) but he was with a group of people eating dinner downtown in the Inner Harbor. Recently their has been a lot of crime there which is the 1 tourist area in Baltimore so the police announced they would be "more aggressive" in that location.

So apparently this Raven was all thugged out wearing the hoodie and sweats, etc....when police thought they saw a gun on him (was a cellphone i guess).....their was a confrontation and this idiot Raven pushed around some cops and was arrested

The Ravens are classless pieces of sh*t. and their fans are pretty stupid
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