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Default Re: Any rugby players/fans

Originally Posted by NFL STEELERS NRL DRAGONS View Post
It's good to see your into NFL and even better to see you supporting the greatest NFL team of the lot the mighty Pittsburgh Steelers. In my opinion this is what has to happen and soon between rugby union and rugby league for the good of both games.

It's about time rugby union woke up and realized that rugby league is a far better rugby game to play than union and the 2 codes remerged playing rugby league rules with maybe a few concessions givin to rugby union rules. That way the game could get to where it should be rivaling soccer and gridiron football for the best code in the world.
I prefer union much more than league. League is to broken up with all the stopages. The only time we ever play is as a warm up before games. Why do you think that union would be more popular on the world stage than league?
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