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Default Re: New tailgating rules at the Cardinals stadium

Originally Posted by SteelersinCA View Post
So your facts are comparing the exception, the Steelers, who have a 15yr+ waiting list for season tickets, to above average fan base? You went from they don't know anything about tailgating to comparing them to the Steelers as the basis of your argument. Non sequitur?

Had you done more than a google search to see why those thousands of seats are unsold all the time, you would have found that qualcomm wasn't built for solely football and those several thousand seats that sell for $80 are obstructed view seats. Not a pole in the way obstructed, but you can't see half the field obstructed. Try comparing them to the other NFL teams instead of the exception. Bengals, Browns, Titans. I hear you can get a PSL in Paul Brown for $5. That's really in the blood huh?

I'm not trying to convince you of anything. You have your mind made up on a great number of things about which you are unwilling to see a different perspective no matter how many facts anyone brings to the table. However, I find it comical how defensive you get and all the more ironic how you are quick to point out when I make a generalization (which I freely admit to when called out by you) and then you go on making rash generalizations.

I thought you were in the ad biz? You do understand sentence construction right?
Bolded for emphasis.

I fail to see how you can take that as personally as you did. Maybe an apology is in order for the ass comment? I doubt it, after all that would require a sincere admission that you were wrong. Keep fighting the good fight Rev!
Lot's of semantics, very little real content.

Tell yourself whatever you want, I don't really care one way or the other....
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