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Originally Posted by RoethlisBURGHer View Post
Seriously, is this guy as fragile as glass?

Last year it was an elbow problem. Right now it's an ankle problem.

I understand it's preseason and that's supposedly why he is being held out...but what if he goes to Marvin Lewis on September 13th and says he can't go because of his ankle.

He worked so hard to get over that knee injury, but now it looks like these "little" things stop him dead in his tracks.

If he misses games this season due to "little" injuries, will he start to get labeled as sort of a bust?
The ankle thing seems to be pretty precautionary at this point. They don't want to rush him back and risk re-injury in this week's game. And the general sentiment has been that they might just sit him out for the remainder of preseason because he would only get a couple of series in the last game anyway. He's a veteran now so missing part of the preseason shouldn't be devastating, although I'm sure he'll show some signs of rust in week one against Denver.

I'm not too terribly worried about the ankle injury; if it was the regular season he would be playing right now. At the very worst it could bother/affect him for a few weeks, but it's nothing with as serious of a potential as the arm injury from last year.

The only thing I'm worried about is his elbow not being 100 percent and getting re-aggravated. That would spell doom. As Carson goes, so goes the Bengals season.

As far as him being fragile/injury prone...meh, I think it's more a streak of bad luck than anything. The hit he took by Kimo in 05 (a direct shot into the side of the knee) would've yielded the same result for anyone. The elbow injury is the most worrisome, but barring another flare-up from this or another freak hit, I think he should be OK. The broken noses, sprained ankles are relatively minor things you just have to learn to play through.

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