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Default Re: New tailgating rules at the Cardinals stadium

I may have approached this incorrectly: I DO apologize for that. It is right and proper to measure tailgating against gold standards like (but not limited to) the Steelers and Buckeyes...I've been to Notre Dame stadium and that's pretty intense as well, with cars lining up in traffic very early in the morning. I've heard good things about Penn State 'gates, and I'm sure there are dozens of other examples of great Midwestern tailgating that measure up (and I've heard terrific things about SEC 'gates as well). Based on everything I've read, seen, heard and witnessed myself, there just isn't nearly as much zeal or vigor in the typical West Coast fan.

Now, just to show I'm not playing a game of one-up-manship, my Zips have a miserable track record of tailgating, and although I hit every game early and try to do my part, there are usually only a meager few hundred fans who join me. Hopefully with the new stadium that will change a little...
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