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Default Re: Talk about some costly mistakes

Originally Posted by RoethlisBURGHer View Post
Seriously, do NFL punts reach 85 feet in the air? That seems awfully high for a punt that you want to go as far as possible.
Sounds about right. If you kicked the ball at a 45-degree angle, which the laws of physics say is how you'd get the most distance, the ball would go half as high as it travels horizontally. On a 45-yard punt (also accounting for the 15 yards behind the line that the punter stands), that would be 180 feet horizontally and 90 feet vertically. On a 60-yard punt, it would be more like 225 feet horizontally and 112 feet high (This assumes, of course, that the distance is all covered in the air, not because of a bounce-and-roll).

Plus, when you're punting, you're not always trying to kick the ball as far as you can. Sometimes you purposely kick it straight up in the air so your coverage team can run under it and down it, so there's that to contend with too.

Anyway, it seems like the scoreboard is right in the trouble spot.
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