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Default Re: Lets go Pitt Football!

Originally Posted by Dino 6 Rings View Post
Actually moron, I'll tell you exactly how the bowl game set up work:

New Mexico bowl = MWC vs WAC
St Petersburg = Big East vs Con USA
New Orleans = C USA vs Sun Belt
Las Vegas = MWC vs Pac 10
Poinsetta = MWC vs Pac 10
Hawaii = C-USA vs WAC
Emerald = ACC vs Pac 10
Meineke = ACC vs Big East
Motor City = Big 10 vs MAC
Music City = ACC vs SEC
Independence = Big 12 vs SEC
Champs = ACC vs Big 10
EagleBank = ACC vs Military
Holiday = Big 12 vs Pac 10
Humanitarian = MWC vs WAC
Texas = Big 12 vs Navy
Armed Forces = MWC vs C-USA
Brut Sun = Pac 10 vs Big 12/Big East
Insight = Big 10 vs Big 12
Chick Fil a = ACC vs SEC
Outback = BIg 10 vs ACC
Capital One = Big 10 vs SEC
Gator Bowl = ACC vs East/12 or Notre Dame
Rose = Pac 10 vs Big 10
Sugar = BSC AT LARGE vs BSC AT LARGE (This is where we would meet)
Cotton = Big 12 vs SEC
Liberty = C-USA vs SEC
International = Big E vs MAC
Papajohns = Big East vs SEC
Alamo = Big 10 vs Big 12
Fiesta = Big 12 vs BCS At Large
Orange = BCS ACC vs BCS At Large
National Title (In California this year) 1 vs 2.

So there you go. it has nothing to do with "Bowls" picking teams and not chosing Pitt or Picking PSU, its all about the Conference affiliation and the only way we would match up is in a BCS Game. So if OSU wins the Big 10 but PSU is ranked in the top 8 teams, and Pitt wins the Big East, we could play in the Sugar Bowl.

That's what me and Steel City Man are talking about, but you want to just be an arsehole and knock pitt in the pitt thread because you have nothing better to do. But that's still cool 12-0, got you last, deal with it.
1 - I'm not a moron. You are and your post supports this

Do you see any Big 10 vs Big East bowls on there? I don't. So how exactly is your wet dream of Pitt actually beating a much better Penn State in a bowl game going to come true? LOL at u thinking Pitt will get a BCS game LMFAO

fyi - the bowls that get the Big 10 teams are more prestigious than the crappy bowl games that Big Least gets (more money)

LOL, I guess ignorance is bliss
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