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Default Re: Ladies and Gentleman I present...

I think part of the reason Marshall wants a new contract now instead of later is because he knows his stats are going to drop with Kyle Orton as his QB and the offense that McDaniels has installed in Denver.

McDaniels is going to crash and burn because he came in and instead of adjusting his offense to fit the players on the team, he decided he was going to put his offense in. Knowing that Cutler isn't the ideal QB for his offense, he tried to trade Cutler and it backfired...and then he lied about trying to trade Cutler to get Cassel.

Look at it this way. When Tomlin came in most Steelers fans were worried that he was going to bring his 4-3 Cover Two scheme and scrap the aggressive 3-4 zone-blitz that the Steelers have been running for about 20 years.

If Tomlin would have done that, I think the players and the fans would have been pissed.

That's a lot like what is happening in Denver.

The good coaches change their ways to fit their personnel. The bad ones stick with the same thing even when the players they have don't fit the scheme.

However, Brandon Marshall has handled this all wrong. He hasn't endeared himself to other teams who need a WR, they don't want to give up what the Broncos would be asking for someone who acts like this, much less someone with the off-the-field problems that he has had.

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