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Default Re: McNabb booed? "We want Vick!"

Don't know how in the world the Flyers didn't make that list. They definitely should have been on there over St. Louis Cards fans. I mean, how can you give a fanbase flak for always being behind their team no matter what? They should be applauded for it. That's why they are the best fans in sports, period. Sorry Nation.

I won't disagree that Philthy fans are the worst in pro sports. The Nation and Pittsburgh fans in general are an order of magnitude better than them all-around. But that doesn't mean that their hands are squeaky clean, because they clearly are NOT. And I won't hesitate to point that out wherever possible.

And just to reaffirm how bad it is to be a Mets fan at a Phillies game, there was a well-publicized video of a Phillies fan punching out a Mets fan at a game 2 weeks ago. And need I remind everyone of the Phillies fan that was beaten to death outside a nightclub next door to the stadium by other Phillies fans? Yeah, they prove their unworthiness each and every year.
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