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Default Re: McNabb booed? "We want Vick!"

2. Oakland Raiders fans

These people are just lunatics, period.

They paint their faces, dress like Tina Turner in Mad Max, and actually believe that despite weighing only 150 pounds, wearing face paint, a mohawk, and shoulder pads with foam spikes will strike fear in the hearts of pro football players who are big enough to get tackled by Ray Lewis and live to tell about it.

And their team still sucks.
I'd put them at #1, if only because of personal experience. I don't care who boos the loudest -- you can't even go to the game if you're not rooting for the Raiders, unless you want to get in an actual fistfight. This is no joke; you'll usually have something like 30 people getting arrested for violence every game, and a lot more getting into smaller fights. My friend Carlton is usually among them.
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