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Default Re: McNabb booed? "We want Vick!"

I listened to McNabb's presser after the game, and while he was respectful as always, you could tell he has had enough of the wildcat experiment. He seized of the question of how difficult it is to get into a rhythm when you are being sent to wide out every few plays. Only Andy Ried would be arrogant enough to mess with one of the more productive o's in the league just to prove a point. If Andy wants a better offense he could just try calling an actual running play to an actual running back (like maybe Brian Westbrook, maybe), say after every four or five pass plays . A truly novel idea, Andy.

There are idiot fans of every team and every sport (even Pittsburgh), but Philli seems to have an inordinate number of fans who don't seem to appreciate what they have.

Honestly, they don't deserve McNabb(or Mike Richards ).

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