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Default Re: When in Pittsburgh...

coney island has the famous "nathans" hotdogs. if you watch the travelers channell or the food network you may have seen the shows that highlight some of the nations top hotdog joints.

pittsburghs crown gem is the O

i found a pretty fitting review-

Be sure to stop by this popular Pittsburgh Landmark--The Original Hot Dog Shop in the Oakland area, near the University of Pittsburgh. A proudly displayed sign on the window declares that Football Hall of Famer, Dan Marino ate here for many years. Since it was such a local tradition, my husband suggested I include it in my photos of Pittsburgh!

The Original Hot Dog Shop opened in 1960, across the street from Old Forbes Field. It's "dogs" quickly became the main staple in the diets of countless college students at The University of Pittsburgh. The shop's menu offers Hot Cheese Dogs; Hot Dog Parmesan, Deluxe Kosher Pure Dogs, Beef Dogs and Slaw Dogs--all in natural casings. Their crispy fries are cooked twice in peanut oil and are a popular accompaniment. Hoagies, Pizza, Salads, Chicken and Fish Sandwiches are also served.
The "O", as it's known, is one of the nations top hotdog eateries. While it may not be the quaintest spot in town, they serve the best hotdogs, the largest side of fries and the cheapest pizza.

Normally filled with Univ. of Pitt students trying to make their dollars stretch, it's a Pittsburgh icon and is a must visit eatery when in the university area.
and the best one-

Essie's Original Hot Dog Shop, better know to us Pitt students as "The O" or "The dirty O" is certainly a local legend. It was established adjacent to Forbes Field, before the university built Posvar Hall over it.

The place is filthy, which adds to the ambiance.
If you're squeamish about bathrooms, you'll definitely want to pass on the restrooms here.

It's a popular spot with college students, especially on the weekends. They're pretty well know for their lenient carding policy when purchasing alcohol, and after 1 am on Thursday-Saturday night, expect the place to be packed with drunken college students looking for that amazingly satisfyingly greasy and cheap drunk food like pizza, fries, and hot dogs.

When we go, we usually get an order of small fries, which is about enough to feed a family of 7, for 3-5 dollars (depending on what the cashier feels like charging, basically). You can practically feel your arteries clogging as you eat them, but it's well worth the future cardiac arrest.
there aint nothing like city life, where you can go to a hotdog joint in mid day and buy a can (or 40) of beer "to go", and drink it out of the brown bag as you walk up the street to catch your bus (or in my case, before you go to the museum).

the o rocks. take a small army if you order the large fry.
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