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Default Re: McNabb booed? "We want Vick!"

I live in Eagles territory (and most of you know I was an Eagles fan at one time) and a lot of people have given up on the season already. The offense is messy. A lot of the problem is bringing in Vick during the middle of a series and messing up the rhythm of the offense. They also don't have their entire OL intact. And their defense is just awful this year.

There's one common thought among all Eagles fans right now whether they love or hate Vick: It's that it doesn't make football-sense to have him. McNabb is already ridiculously insecure about his job and then you bring a guy like Vick in to further threaten him?

I'm just glad we're not dealing with this mess. I can just silently chuckle at my friends and coworkers as they watch their team start to fall apart.
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