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Default Re: McNabb booed? "We want Vick!"

Originally Posted by JackHammer View Post
You can leave it at that but I won't. TB admitted that he had BIG TIME anxiety problems that also contributed to his long time away from Pittsburgh. It wasn't just some deep anger towards the fans. Also, I'm not even basing my opinion on the moral side of this. My reasoning is simply that Philly fans are stupid. I don't care how hard we were on TB, we NEVER, I repeat, NEVER would have been chanting to bring in his back up in a preseason game if he were coming off of a season where he threw for nearly 4,000 yards, 23 TD's, and 11 int's as McNabb did last season.
See, I'm not that confident that they wouldn't. If the fans couldn't keep from booing/jeering Tommy Maddox during the fricking victory parade for XL, what makes you think they wouldn't ever call for the backup in that situation? Hell, there were fans calling for Ben to be benched last year, in the middle of an eventual SB winning season, and coming off a season where he broke Bradshaw's record for TD passes in a season and had 2 perfect passer rating games.

Our fan base is fickle as hell, dude. Time to face fact.
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