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Default Re: Big Ben and his motorcycle??

interesting point as this hasn't died down over the weeks...
From the Post-G
With that, he[Palmer] said, comes a certain amount of responsibility. So things like skiing and certain water sports will wait until his playing days are done. "I'd love to do a lot of that stuff, but it's just not worth it," Palmer said. "The organization's invested too much in me and I owe it to them to take care of my body in the offseason, not do risky things like that."

Did anyone else catch Joey Porter and oh, about six other nfl players riding around on Jet skis, slamming into walls for the sake of the NFL today? Sorry but this is making me mad. You gonna call it, call it both ways. What about the guy who hurt his foot playing sand football at the pro bowl a few years ago. Why not get fired up about that. Knee jerk reactions cause Ben did a sensible thing? He said he sat down and read his contract. He has only said that he rides his bike without a helmet with a group of other people , so its not like he is doing wheelies in the Kroger parking lot. If only TO had gotten injured catching Nicolette Sheridan then we really could push this to the limit.
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