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Default Re: Does Josh Mcdaniels really have his sleeves cut off his sweatshirt?

I couldn't tell if they were cut off or if they were just rolled up.

But when I saw him with the sweatshirt on, all I could think is:

"Wow, talk about a complete and total copycat. What a douche, try to be a little bit original."

He's not going to last long in Denver. I think he's going to crash and burn, then go crawling back to the Cheats begging the big cheater to take him back in some capacity.

His biggest mistake was getting rid of Cutler. Unless he takes one of the top QB's in next year's draft, his head coaching career will be defined by getting rid of a franchise QB and replacing him with Kyle Orton.

What he should have done is said "I have a franchise QB here. The problem last year wasn't the offense but the defense. I will keep the offense that is in place and work on fixing the defense."

Instead he scrapped the system and is installing a system that doesn't fit his top two wide receivers talents. And while Orton isn't a horrible quarterback, he isn't going to win you a Super Bowl either.

Congrats to the 2009 Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins
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