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Default Re: When in Pittsburgh...

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
coney island has the famous "nathans" hotdogs. if you watch the travelers channell or the food network you may have seen the shows that highlight some of the nations top hotdog joints.

pittsburghs crown gem is the O

i found a pretty fitting review-

and the best one-

there aint nothing like city life, where you can go to a hotdog joint in mid day and buy a can (or 40) of beer "to go", and drink it out of the brown bag as you walk up the street to catch your bus (or in my case, before you go to the museum).

the o rocks. take a small army if you order the large fry.
Alright Hipchest, I knew you were sitting on some good information on this place.

But really, I'm glad you put in your 2 cents. I prefer the board interaction as opposed to me just laying down things I've read. First person accounts are much better for this imo.


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