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Default Re: Vikings Phil Loadholdt vs Texans MNF

Originally Posted by devilsdancefloor View Post
I think if we keep drafting OL 3rd rd thru 7th we will not have a rookie start. if they where any better they would go in earlier rounds. We seem to get the guys who need a year to grasp play & have the size to start as a rookie
i dont think so. p. jerry and bj raji are expected to start for atl and gb. ziggy hood is expected to be a rotational player in a best case scenario.

weve got a great system that not only benefits our rookies in the long run, but is favorable to our cap management.

im just saying, we may not be doing any of our o-line talent any favors by NOT throwing them into the fire. its not that we dont do it, its that i believe we wont do it (unless injuries dictate).

i believe you throw a young guy in there, it shows confidence and has them edgy to perform. hold a young guy out for three years and they may lose there edge and start to believe they suck.

linemen love to be in trenches, not on benches. (quick, print up a t-shirt)
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