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Default Re: Vikings Phil Loadholdt vs Texans MNF

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
i dont think so. p. jerry and bj raji are expected to start for atl and gb. ziggy hood is expected to be a rotational player in a best case scenario.

weve got a great system that not only benefits our rookies in the long run, but is favorable to our cap management.

im just saying, we may not be doing any of our o-line talent any favors by NOT throwing them into the fire. its not that we dont do it, its that i believe we wont do it (unless injuries dictate).

i believe you throw a young guy in there, it shows confidence and has them edgy to perform. hold a young guy out for three years and they may lose there edge and start to believe they suck.

linemen love to be in trenches, not on benches. (quick, print up a t-shirt)
Jerry and Raji also don't have any depth in front of them to keep them on the bench. Ziggy had two two-time Super Bowl Champion defensive ends (and a two-time Super Bowl Champion nose tackle) in front of him.

I totally agree with what you said about keeping offensive linemen on the bench. We're not drafting offensive linemen good enough to start as rookies, much less their second year. We have been drafting developmental offensive linemen,

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