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Default Re: Vikings Phil Loadholdt vs Texans MNF

Originally Posted by RoethlisBURGHer View Post
Jerry and Raji also don't have any depth in front of them to keep them on the bench. Ziggy had two two-time Super Bowl Champion defensive ends (and a two-time Super Bowl Champion nose tackle) in front of him.

I totally agree with what you said about keeping offensive linemen on the bench. We're not drafting offensive linemen good enough to start as rookies, much less their second year. We have been drafting developmental offensive linemen,
but heres my point....

most mocks had z hood going to the colts or bucs (where he woulda most likely started).

if p. jerry or even raji had fallen to us, we woulda most definitely picked them (as proven with our selection of hood).

all three woulda been back-ups on our defense.

the same can be said with our offensive linemen.

we coulda drafted j. smith, e. monroe, or cinci smith, and all three woulda got their asses kicked so bad in practice by harrison they wouldnt have a shot to sniff the starting line up with the steelers.

the same could probably be said of j. long or the browns thomas if we couldve selected them.

i taught my daughter how to swim a few weeks ago. i told her you have no business playing in a pool (and running around, balls out, and jumping in with her floaties) if you dont know how to swim.

i told her to take them off and jump in, and assured her i was there to keep her safe. you either sink or swim. if you give them the security blanket of floaties, they are bound to become afraid of drowning.

i just think the "floaties" being taken off of kemo, essex, and starks may have done them more good than harm.

colon is still holding down a spot. stapelton entered camp as the #1.
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