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Default For the Seahawks fans... like PDX

Get the hell out of here. No one cares about you coming in here talking about how great Shaun Alexander and Hasselback are. Go to a Seahawks forum and talk about them. Your just wasting thread space and I click on the threads to find out you created a thread about how history prevailed.

Go back to Seattle, drink yourself a sweet cup of coffee and shut the hell up. When you lose Sunday night, you can come back all you want, just like the bungel, colts, and bronco fans did. oh wait. I don't believe they did?

Now go start getting ready for the Mariners, because we all know once the Seahawks, you all will forget about them till the next time they are in the superbowl.

And btw, did anyone read Rick Reillys article in this weeks SI?

I took from the article he didnt like Seattle. haha
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