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Default Re: Top Selling NFL Jerseys

Originally Posted by SteelTalons View Post
Who the hell buys the jersey of a bum who is so moody about not getting top 10 money, he is willing to sit out the entire year and reenter the draft?! Not to mention how stupid it is considering the guy is making it clear he wants nothing to do with the 49ers... And yet! People by the bums jersey.

Go figure, I can sorta understand Vick or Favre more than I can Crabby.
I think a lot of fans bought his jersey after they drafted him, once numbers were picked the jerseys went on sale.

Now that he's holding out, and it's obviously going to last into the season (and I honestly think he will sit out ALL SEASON and then re-enter the draft), people have stopped buying, therefore the drop from #8 to #20.

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