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Default Re: Top Selling NFL Jerseys

Originally Posted by RoethlisBURGHer View Post
I think a lot of fans bought his jersey after they drafted him, once numbers were picked the jerseys went on sale.

Now that he's holding out, and it's obviously going to last into the season (and I honestly think he will sit out ALL SEASON and then re-enter the draft), people have stopped buying, therefore the drop from #8 to #20.
At some point, someone REALLY needs to explain to him that sitting out a whole season is going to cost him a hell of a lot more money than he can expect to ever make out of it.

I mean, let me get this straight: He expects to sit out a whole year and then have someone spend a top-five pick on him AFTER he pulled a stunt like this? Fat chance, buddy. I don't care if you're the greatest receiver in the history of the game, you just knocked yourself out of the first round entirely, maybe the first day. No one is going to take a chance with a high pick on you after that. You'll be lucky to make $1 million a year, not $8-$10M. I'm just checking. I mean, that's seriously your plan? Because it sounds kind of like a joke.

You know what else I worry about if he does sit out the whole year? Everyone passes on him all day, and then the fricking Patriots snag him at like #25 and he miraculously shows up a changed man with a great attitude and everything. That IS something that would happen.
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