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Default Re: Did you just see that?????

Originally Posted by Aussie_steeler View Post
Dont condone what he did for a minute. However I would like to hear what was said to provoke him. The year suspension is set in concrete. Boise State have indicated that they wil discipline their player for the instigation of the incident.

This kid has certainly cost himself a lot of money. He was projecting fairly well for the 2010 draft
I heard the kid from boise might get one game, but he would be suspended by the team. If you watch it again, you can see the Boise coach start to grab the player right before Blount punched him.

The Boise guy shouldnt of provoked him, but Blount Definately SHOULD NOT of punched him. He deserves the full year and should be very thankful that he is allowed to keep his scholarship and finish school.

I found it funny that as Blount was leaving the field and the fans started to heckle him and he went after them, some of the fans took off running and some of the bigger fans had to step in front of Blount to keep from them.
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