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Originally Posted by ngreene15
What did he say... I must have missed this.

I hope this doesn't change my opinion of him as a player... He is still one of my faves.
here is one for ya, I could only find this one, there was a good long series of quotes about the city and the fans and also noting that his number one love is still basketball and if he had the opportuinity to give up football right now for basketball he would do it in a heartbeat. He just sounds ignorant...

?I mean, I don't think I was liked as a person. I was kind of seen as a black kid, young African-American, cornrows, drives fancy cars, wears diamond earrings, things like that. They just kind of based their perception off of what I drove and what I did and things like that. All those things were never a part of any other player on that team but me.?
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