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Originally Posted by 83-Steelers-43
Faults of Plaxico in my opinion :

Never went for the ball at it's highest point. For his height, he played as if he was 5'8".

Dropped easy catches.

His route running for the most part was pretty bad. It started to picked up his last season in Pittsburgh.

Never threw a blcok. Once again though, he started to in his last season in Pittsburgh.

His head. The guy can hardly speak a word of English during interviews. I don't think Plax is the sharpest tool in the shed. It reflects on the field.

He would never go across the middle. El, Ward, Wilson.....have no problem.

Bashing the fans that helped him aquire that "ice" in his ears and around his wrists and neck.

Even when Plaxico was here I can honestly say that I wasn't a fan. It seemed to me that he only gave a half-ass effort on the field. When we first drafted him, I loved his height but I had a feeling the overall package was damaged.

Best post! I feel the EXACT same way!

"You win by attrition. You impose your will on your opponent." ~ Mike Tomlin
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