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Default Re: Steelers bringing the Run Game

Originally Posted by SteelCityPride
I wouldn't! And I don't know that anyone here is acting like you didnt really win every game, mostly it is just countering you who is saying your team is god's greatest creation. I think you need to start looking more open minded. I give the Hawks props for what they did and I acknowledge they have a good team. But my goodness, fans like you make me sick. You act like you know soo much about football, say stupid stuff and just act all annoying, so of course when we hear such lame comments as you are making we are going to counter them.

DUDE- I'm a life-long Seahawks fan, if there's one thing I am, it's open minded about their chances of winning. These aren't the Seahaks of 1985-2000 and Yyur team isn't the 1978 Steelers.

Sure, we could easily lose Sunday- but we didn't get here by luck. This years' Hawks are the real deal- I've seen it up close.
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