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Default Re: Steelers bringing the Run Game

Originally Posted by PDX Hawk fan
DUDE- I'm a life-long Seahawks fan, if there's one thing I am, it's open minded about their chances of winning. These aren't the Seahaks of 1985-2000 and Yyur team isn't the 1978 Steelers.

Sure, we could easily lose Sunday- but we didn't get here by luck. This years' Hawks are the real deal- I've seen it up close.
Nah, I'm not even bringing the old Steelers into it my man. Like I said before, I give your team props for getting here because... yada yada yada... Anyways, I'm glad you've seen it up close and maybe that is why your comments are too ignorant, maybe you need to back up a bit and look around the league a little more.
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