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Default Re: Big Ben's bonuses and the cap....

Originally Posted by Suitanim
I'm pretty sure we won't get any relief for next year, but as many have pointed out, we will be clearing some cap room, so no worries.

There are a lot of ex-players (Gildon, Gibson, Battaglia? and more) who were paid in 2005 money that counted against the salary cap. The total of their money is $4.6m and Bettis retirement frees up another $2.5m so we may only be around $3 million over the cap.

I was wrong about Hartings, he costs $4.2m to keep and $3.6m to release him so there's not much benefit to letting him go.

Consider the signings we have to make:
Kimo-wants a raise, give him a 3yr contract
Hope, deserves a long term contract
Taylor, deserves a long term contract
Tuman, 2 or 3 year contract for same money he makes now
Harrison, deserves a huge raise

It also depends on whether Townsend and Randel El depart, if they stay it's probably a done deal that we lose Joey.

Also I doubt the Steelers will spend all of the cap raise ($11m) on draft picks.

I just hope we play this smart so we can sign Parker and have future room for Polo and Ben in a few years.
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