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Guys,again,first started off by saying.LETS GO PATRIOTS!.But With that said.You fans are so pumped up.Im going to be as serious as a heartattack.I am reading MANY of the posts on this forum on here,And Im getting tears in my eyes.You guys have waited so long for this to happen.IVe already posted a thread Wishing you luck.Some of you read and respondned.Thanks for the kind words again.I know how I felt when my Pats won three of the last four from nowhere.Hell! I WAS Hoping for a Bears Pats 85' Rematch this year in the superbowl.But when that went out the window this years run.I was For The Steel City 150%.Your guys Love for your team is shared,Out here In Albuquerque,Nm.The Amounts of Yellow and Gold is overwhelming and I dont know how many Handshakes Ive given out the last few weeks.But with that being said.YOU GUYS NEED TO GET LOUDER!.If your a fan.FOR GODS SAKE...WAVE THAT STEELERS JERSEY OUT THE FAWKIN WINDOW AS your drivin down the street cross country,let the haters know!.For obvious reasons This is one of the MOST Memorable Superbowls in a long while.But for sure.You guys are living high.Enjoy it.The Patriots run was one of the best memories Ive ever had in my young life of 22 Years.Cheers's
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