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Default Re: Buckeyes Roll Out New Offense Centered On Pryor...

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
I have to take a camera so I can prove that I showed up...

I should have made the bet that both you and Steel Head will remove yourselves from these boards permanently when you don't show up...

In fact, for all (or anybody else knows), you could hire some homeless dude to show up in your place....nobody even knows what you look least I have corroborators here who can identify me in a picture, having, you know, actually met some people and showed up at tailgates and such before...
back peddle in 3....2....1....

That's a stupid bet...if you show I leave the board? There's no scenario in which I won't show, and no scenario in which I leave the board...

And if YOU don't show, it means you can't be trusted anyway, so what good would it do to make a bet about you leaving?


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